Friday, June 26, 2009

Leaving With A Heavy Heart But Ami Aschi (I'll be back)

It's been a sad moment for me... I am leaving my Office (for few days though).... But, I'll be missing everyone:

1) My colleagues na my bestest of the best friends actually (they are my biggest support)
Ann, Alps, Akum and everyone else

2) I'll be missing my blogger friends to coz I hardly have access to P.C. at home (Miss Ya Guyz)

3) I'll be missing "WORK" (coz for me its like food for survival)

4) And last but not the least I'll be Missing the Man who has brought my Smiles back (you got it my Mr. HerO). To whom I am not able to speak yet.

I have taken a 15 days leave for Exams. But, hey guyz, don't forget to wish me on B'day which falls on next Sunday (July 5)... I'll let you know how I celebrated it... Will post the pics too (if I get time)....

Here's wishing you all "Good Luck".... Happy Blogging... Miss Ya All A LOTTTTT.....

CutePriya :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Thoughts!

Sitting in the Office... I am getting a little bored... yeah! I have completed all the assignments... waiting for something new... I was talking to a friend online who like me has gone through a really bad phase of a relationship...

Ya Know! I can very much understand her feelings coz we're kinda sailing in the same boat... She told me that she fine! Not good and waiting for that someone special to fill her life with happiness again...

To this I replied is that "someone special" really important in life... Probably you can have a good life even if he/she's not around. You have all the Freedom...No one to hold you back... you have rich time... every moment to spare on whatever you want to...go wherever you feel like....

No Irritating phone calls... And best of all you have time to get closer to your family (whom who have kinda ignored a lot)...

Probably I am right... Probably I am wrong... But this is how I feel right now...Do tell me how you feel... In Other Words baby


There is something else that I would Love to Share:

We Work for a Better Tomorrow, but when "TOMORROW" comes, instead of Enjoying, we again think of a better tomorrow. So let Us have a better "TODAY"....

(a text msg by a friend)

Friday, June 12, 2009

What NXT???

With Working keeping me really busy... I am hardly getting time to keep in touch with blogging... There is so much work piled up.... God Save the poor child...

Well, Am so Confused (worried actually)..... as to be what NEXt???? Don't knw what to do.... How to be friends with him and tell him that I actually like him... It's really difficult know coz this is a very tricky situation.... Another thing whenever I come in contact with him... My Lips are sealed (as if someone has pasted them with a glue)... I am not able to utter a single "WORD".... Moreso, he also just looks at me and never utters a WORD...

Well, I thought may be my blogger friends could help! Save me and Pray for me...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Made the "FIRST MOVE"... Thanks to Ma Friends!!!

Oops I did it! Yeah I did It! Finally after months of Hardwork, struggle, persistant efforts finally I have "Initiated the Conversation"

Remember the "TIP" my friend gave me. I followed it and was actually able to talk to him... Well there is more to this story. All this couldn't have been possible without one of my bestest of the best friends in Office.

One of my friends tried his best to reach Mr. HerO so that he could create a room for me to talk... First he tried talking to some of his friends in the same department, so they can introduce me to him. But, this didn't worked because his friend was more of a shy guy....But, I think he conveyed the message that there is a girl who kinda likes you!

Just then my friend thought of something else... (He is "TOO Smart").... He went straight to him... asked him that I have some friends interested in working in his department.... But, My Mr. HerO is rather "Smarter".... He didn't gave him his number, instead told him to mail the CV.

Next Day was the "Final"... My Mr. HerO was standing alone at his 'Cigarette Smoking point'... My friend saw this as an Opportunity and took me straight to him... Even I asked the same Question, asked him about some other Openings, Thanked him and this was it to begin the conversation.

Well a word of Thanks...

Thank you to my friend Mr. A, Ms. Ann and Ms. Alps who were always there in my "Mission" frequenting the 'Cigarette Smoking Point' and enforcing and re-enforcing that courage and determination that "GO GET HIM Girl"