Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Thanks Sourav...

Would like to begin this post by expressing my gratitude towards Sourav - my Blogger buddy, who has passed on this award to "VERY ME"

Thanks a million for this.... I am so sad for not blogging these days... coz there's a lot of work keeping me Really Bussy (I even have to put reminders for going to washrum LOL)...

I would love to pass on this award to some of my most favorites bloggers.. And yes, no order of preference plz:

Mahesh (Anubhav)


Garima (G-Villa)

A.K. (Live While You Are Alive)

Mon (Quirky Alone...And Happy!)

Angie (http://rehab-reject.blogspot.com/)

Ann (Moments I Will Cherish)

Megha (Art on Sketchbook)

Varun Dixit (Life through my eyes)

Cheers Guys!