Monday, July 12, 2010

Strike-it-Off Tag...Taking Lead from Ann's Blog

Dr. Chandana Shekar and Ann have posted and now I am taking it forward. And if you like it.. you're most welcome to tell ur fellas what you haven't tried or done out of these...Here's my LIST

Graduated high school.

Smoked a Cigarette

Got so drunk you passed out.

Rode every ride at an amusement park.

Collected something stupid. (no wonder y my folks call me a junky)

Gone to a Rock Concert.

Helped someone.

Gone fishing. (on Fishville)

Watched four movies in one night. (no but full Harry Potter series in a day)

Lied to someone.

Snorted cocaine.

Smoked weed.

Failed a subject. (Math…I sucked at it! Or it sucked all my time and I still scored lowest)

Been in a car accident.

Been in a tornado. (yeah wen Mom starts yelling)

Watched someone die

Been to a funeral.

Burned Yourself.

Run a marathon. (u must be kidding..marathon and me…we hate each other)

Cried yourself to sleep.

Flown in an aeroplane. (never…not even in my dreams)

Cheated on someone. (as they say…even kids can cheat on me)

Been cheated on. (so many times)

Written a 10 page letter. (a little less dan dat)

Gone skiing.(funniest joke u can crack on me)

Been sailing. (boating actually)

Cut yourself.

Had a best friend.

Lost someone you loved. (three people)

Got into trouble for something you didn’t do.

Stolen a book from the library. (NO instead I loved arranging my school’s library)

Gone to a different country. (Yeah, Lala-land)

Watched the Harry Potter movies. (LOVE It!)

Had an online diary. (Still have ONE)

Fired a gun. (Pichkari…wooo…)

Gambled in a casino. (Gamble everyday…LIFE is a GAMBLE)

Been in a school play. (just for a dialogue and was shivering to utter dat)

Been fired from a job.

Taken a lie detector test. (whistling…)

Swam with dolphins.

Voted for someone on a reality TV show. ( Many Times…last time wen Shakti WON D.I.D)

Written poetry. ( hun…hun)

Read more than 20 books a year. (Of course…I used to be a ‘Book Ka KIDA’)

Gone to Europe. (again only in DREAMS)

Used a coloring book over age 12. (yeah…I can still use dem)

Had a Surgery.

Had stitches. (forehead)

Taken a Taxi.

Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once. ( Introvert in IM’s too)

Been in a fist fight.

Suffered any form of abuse.

Had a pet. (Mummy don’t allow)

Petted a wild animal.

Had your own credit card & bought something with it. (NO to Credit Cards)

Dyed your hair.

Got a tattoo.( one’s dat u get with chewing gums???)

Had something pierced. (my ears…thrice)

Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS.

Taken pictures with a webcam.

Lost something expensive.

Gone to sleep with music on.

Liked it? So, what are you waiting for? Go, know, grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to keep striking (out)...

Lolz...It sound like more of an got get that OFFER Advertisement and yes, it's absolutely 100% FREE! FREE! FREE!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My Birthday Gift...

Hi All,

Thanks a TON for your Birthday Wishes....I am so blessed to have such wonderful BloGo Buddies...

This post is dedicated to my Office Buddy Vineet who gifted me something Really Cute...

Thanks so Much Vini...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Pouring Rain...

Hi this is just a random one as the weather in Delhi is just so cool...Just an hour to my Birthday and I got such a nice gift from God...A big sigh of relief for this rain..Wat could I or any other Delhite could have a asked for!!!

The pouring rain means a comforting break from the soaring heat...Anyways, this is just a crisp scratch from otherwise (not so busy), yet boring routine...

NO Big PLANS for my birthday though...But, I've planned a family Dinner and am already done with shopping...

Please pray that everything goes well and hopefully the malls OPEN (coz there's a 'bandh'....Keeping my Fingers CROSSED...TIGHTLy...

Photo By: Bennyboy218's