Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some People are Really Irritating....!!!

Working since almost two years now...I have learned all "New Delhi" routes so far. No matter where these carefree cab drivers stuck the cab, I always have an idea...where to go. In fact our transport department always "BUGS" me by sending the New Cab drivers for my first pick-up, no matter if a person next to me can be picked first...Making me sit in the cab for hours (Yes I have complained but who cares?)

Some cab mates are really nice that you just have to give them a call and they will take care of the rest...while others are so dumb, super-idiots and careless that they won't their precious phones to make a call to next person. Some cab drivers too fall into this super-idiot category. They won't call the Transport Department directly, making an excuse that these poor guys don't have enough balance to make a call (where did the money for refueling and maintaining the cab comes from).

There is this particular cab mate...I don't know why is he staying in Delhi...if he has no idea about the routes...He will come for my pick-up and leave it to me to take the cab anywhere...He is so thin that sometimes I feel-like opening the window and let him fly out. I don't know how he reaches home when I am not in the cab.

GOD SAVE ME FROM SUCH "SUPER-IDIOTS". How come they are even surviving in this fast paced city-life of New Delhi? Are they doing this deliberately? Who knows?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting a Blog: Ammmm

Starting a blog is so easy...Yes...for many of us, it's just what you call 'Push Button Publishing. But, I am a lazy cat. You will come to know when I will post my pic. Finally, after dayz of deep thinking...Here I am with my first ever blog entry. I have so much to share about my life... For me the journey so far has not been so easy...Being such an introvert... I have faced so many challenges in expressing 'what I want?'

Probably I was taken too much for granted at times....My Love took me too casually...Probably, he took advantage of all those Liberties....I had Set him free to do whatever he feels like, wherever he feels like going...I hardly forced him to take me on a Date... He always made mee feel too kiddish and immature to understand that has so many responsibilities...It really hurts living with a broken heart after those wonderful five years of "committed relationship".

I would sincerely like to thank my parents, friends and the Almighty...who helped me in overcoming the depression and gave me a
lease of life...My blog is all about sharing with you all my Life Odyssey as well as the experiences that have help me emerge a into a strong and mature woman.