Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Money Vs Career

Money Vs Career...the debate isn't new...but something that's faced by most of us...Specially for the one's in the service sector...This is a question that came to me from one of my friends who is in a dilemma and couldn't decide as to what the next step should be...So, I thought putting it as a FACEBOOK status and on my blog could earn me some valuable inputs my fella bloggers.

Story of My Friend:

The girl is one of my school friend and got into working into a corporate. She has a job that pays kinda Well (as per her) and my friend holds a position (a little above than Entry Level). But, sticking to same place for four years and doing the same kinda work (same stuff everyday...which even makes me wonder...why four years at same place?), she has finally decided to leave the JOB

After a lot of discussion (and convincing her) my friend has finally decided to switch to a new place. And after months (more than 8) of searching she has grabbed herself a job into another domain, where the money is a little less (dan what's she gets now) but the future prospects are bright (Personally I feel money will follow sooner or later)...

Talking to a lot of people (indirectly) as in war between 'Money' and 'Career', got me mixed responses...while a lot want to take the shortcut of making 'fast money' mantra...there are some others (like ME) who say who cares about career (and the path is too long)...Let's Focus on MONEY...

So, here the question for all of my BlOgO buddies as to: 'What would you choose between the two?'