Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ain't No Beauty Queen...Ain't No CHANCE

It's always SAID..."Beauty is Skin Deep"...Alas! who's bothered bout going deep...It's a world of SHALLOW people...Where good hearts are sidelined by the Good looks...the drop-dead-gorgeous are winners-all-the-way and Miss Oh-So-Nice always struggles her way!

Most of Us (no offenses to those with "Killer Looks" reading this) specially those striving harder everyday in pursuit of a 'suitable Match' often have to survive with a reassuring, Off repeated phrase - 'I admit I am not the most Most BEAUTIFUL in the World but I am not too bad looking either'

...Hey! Hey! What's exactly the point...the debate that Is Beauty really skin deep? Why is that the its the BEautiful who are always in the sailing ship?

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but inner beauty at times takes a backseat and the face value outshines the aura of inner goodness...Being Beautiful is the "No. 1" criterion for Winning both hearts and minds...

One of my real good friend always tells me - "Who bothers how real good you are?" Someone with looks-to-kill may the most talked about for several reasons (not so good) but every second person around may have his set upon this thing of Beauty... 

A person might have someone Oh-so-nice around with not-so-killer looks (but a Golden heart) but like all that glitters is Gold...the power of BEAUTY overshadows all...

I am writing this post after much debate with a dear friend who, is so clinging to the point that no matter how many million reasons, you give her, she says ...I know it girl


Ain't No Beauty Queen...I Ain't Stand a CHANCE

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its' Raining Tonight...

It’s raining so hard
Looks like it’s going to rain all night
And this is the time
I’d love to be holding you tight
But I guess I’ll have to accept
The fact that you’re not here
I wish the night will hurry up and end, my dear

It’s raining so hard
It’s really coming down
Sitting by my window
Watching the rain fall to the ground
This is the time
I’d love to be holding you tight
I guess I’ll just go crazy tonight

It’s raining so hard
It brings back memories
Of the time that you were here with me
Counting every drop
About to blow my top
I wish the rain would hurry up and stop

I’ve got the blues so bad
I can hardly catch my breathe
And the harder it rains
The worse it gets
This is the time
I’d love to be holding you tight
I guess I’ll just go crazy tonight

--- Inara George

Friday, January 6, 2012

@Auto Expo 2012

The Auto Expo was an amazing affair! My first-ever visit and the experience was WOAH...Though i am not an 'automanic' but my love for brands such as Audi, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield couldn't resist me from catching a glimpse of some mean machines and posh babies at the show.

A friend had arranged a pass for the V.I.P. and vroom we went to watch what the Auto Show has in store this year...(the Auto Expo is slated to be biggest in Asia & second largest in the World)

The Audi stand was immaculately done up and the luxe machines highlight included Audi Q7 quattro, the super-fast Audi R8 and what the show stopper was the all-new cherry red, most-awaited Q3 unveiled by Katrina Kaif (saw the gorgeous lady "WOW")

Luxury brands such as BMW also had put up a good show - the highlight was Mini Cooper. Skoda had put on display the new Yeti and the RS 2000

In the bike section - Yamaha had an exhilarating line-up with displaying including Jorge Lorenzo's MotoGP bike YZR M1, the new scooter - Miss India for women, limited edition model of the R15, YZF R15 version 2.0, FZ1, VMAX, FZ-S, Fazer, YZF - R1 50th anniversary special. And to rise the mercury, John Abraham was also present.

The Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson, too had put up a sizzling display of their bikes and Renault's DeZir was simply amazing!

Auto Expo is all set to be grand show and it was an AMAZZZZZZzzzzzzzzing experience to be a part of the show.

P.S. - for a glimpse, you can check the album

Monday, January 2, 2012

Coming Back to Life!

Long has been the time...I have been trying to 'Get a Life'...Friends ranting and close ones scared...

The year has been truly amazing....I have learnt so much...the best being...Enjoying with friends again...The fear of being alone is gone...(though not forever)...Rather, I have learnt to enjoy Being Single!

At times, I laugh at my ownself of running for nothing and aiming to reach ends that can never meet. Nonetheless, the year has been truly AMAZING!!!

Some highlights:

I have moved to a new working place (the work experience has been challenging)...Though it was way tough to adjust...but I am finding it good here.

Have made new friends - Some good, some very good and some EXTREMELY Interesting (Those living life on their own terms and giving a DAMN to what other say)

Have started going out and enjoying with friends - I am loving it...Been to Agra...and the Trip was incredibly amazing (beyond expectations)

Celebrated New Year with friends - It was amazing!!!

There's one more thing that I recently realized. Being through times that was the hardest in life...I am now good (if not expert) at advising 'friends' who say there's nothing in life for them (after heartbreak)...(nope I am No 'Agony Aunt' not a 'Guru', too)...and showing them a new way...that's there's so much in life until we realise

Overall, the year have been WONDERful, Fabulously AWesOme...and there's so nuch to Pen Down...Adios..will c u again :) 

And Yes to all all BloGobuddies - A Very Happy New Year :)