Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks a Ton Niraj...Yippi

Although I am not able to write much these days (so much work)...There are AWESOME BlOgO Buddies...who always keep on reading (& commenting too) whatever I write...And, I one NewESt Buddies (Niraj - Mr. Lemon) has 'AWArded me with Happy Award. Thanks a ton Niraj... I am so very Happy Buddy...Yippi...

So, as per the rules, here are:

10 things that make me 'Happy'

1) My Family...Of Course...

2) My Friends; including My BlOgO buddies...who always keep visiting

3) and lots of shopping (love it)

4) Jokes, funny stuff, comedy shows too... (life is too dull without humor)

5) Music (It's so refreshing)

6) Reading

7) Writing blog: yes, yes, yes. I know it shd have been on top

8) Love Watching Cartoons...

9) Compliments...he..he..

10) Gossiping...It feels so good...

Would Love To Pass This to:

Niraj (expressing my gratitude), Megha Chattbar, Varun, Ann, A.K., Sat_hi_sh, An Ordinary Gal, Sourav Pandey, Mahesh, Chocolate Lover

Yes, will notify all the BloGO buddies...

Happy Weekend Guys...Have a time...enjoy :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

A WORD of THANKS...: International Women's Day

A day to honor the achievement Women, International Women's Day this year is being celebrated with the theme of 'Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all"... Like Previous Year... I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartiest regards to women across the globe...
'a mother, sister, wife, daughter, a friend, a woman plays various roles and has the strength and courage that can challenge the bravest'....
Here is a Heartiest THANKS to:
My Mother - No words could express my gratitude towards her
My Masi Ma - Not less than a Mother to me
My sister, Neha - The 'Bestest of the best Friends'
My Sister, Tannu - My biggest Admirer ever
My Friend - Ann who has been a constant support since I've met her
And, last certainly not the least:
All Women Bloggers who are my INSPIRATION...