Monday, January 2, 2012

Coming Back to Life!

Long has been the time...I have been trying to 'Get a Life'...Friends ranting and close ones scared...

The year has been truly amazing....I have learnt so much...the best being...Enjoying with friends again...The fear of being alone is gone...(though not forever)...Rather, I have learnt to enjoy Being Single!

At times, I laugh at my ownself of running for nothing and aiming to reach ends that can never meet. Nonetheless, the year has been truly AMAZING!!!

Some highlights:

I have moved to a new working place (the work experience has been challenging)...Though it was way tough to adjust...but I am finding it good here.

Have made new friends - Some good, some very good and some EXTREMELY Interesting (Those living life on their own terms and giving a DAMN to what other say)

Have started going out and enjoying with friends - I am loving it...Been to Agra...and the Trip was incredibly amazing (beyond expectations)

Celebrated New Year with friends - It was amazing!!!

There's one more thing that I recently realized. Being through times that was the hardest in life...I am now good (if not expert) at advising 'friends' who say there's nothing in life for them (after heartbreak)...(nope I am No 'Agony Aunt' not a 'Guru', too)...and showing them a new way...that's there's so much in life until we realise

Overall, the year have been WONDERful, Fabulously AWesOme...and there's so nuch to Pen Down...Adios..will c u again :) 

And Yes to all all BloGobuddies - A Very Happy New Year :)


Suruchi said...

Welcome back and stick around now...things are looking up, so time for a new beginning:-)

Happy 2012~

CutePriya said...

@Suruchi: Thank you so much for dropping by...yes, time for a new beginning...hope yo c u soon :)

Ann said...

Haapy New Year to u too Sweety! I am so happy that u've learnt how to enjoy life even if you are single. Yes, life moves on and we better to look forward to realise new dreams rather than looking back.

Good Luck and loads of love,

CutePriya said...

@Ann Thanks Love...your words are always encouraging :)...Touchwood have started realizing new dreams :)
Hope to see you soon

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Welcome back!