Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've been tagged too...

First things first...Thanks to A.K...I have recently joined the blogosphere (as most of us call it)....My friends...specially A.K. and Annie are helping me in getting acquainted to this whole new world...Also, I love my followers...Guys you are so very precious...I have been tagged by my friend A.K. Thanks dear for tagging me. Here are the basic rulez:

1) Tell everyone that you've been tagged.

2) Link the person who tagged you on your blog

3) Write the rules (like I'm doing right now)

4) Tag atleast 6 other people

5) Tell those 6 people that you've tagged them

6) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance...which would be:

- I don't believe in dieting. U have just one life...why to starve yourself

- I hate guys who take girlfriends "for granted"

- I don't care about when to go shopping...I can go for it anytime

- I truly, madly, deeply love gossiping

- I am not an atheist (my believe in God is my biggest strength)

- I love dancing...who cares how am looking when am lost in a peppy number

Most importantly, I would nominate Girl Next Door, Quirky Mon, QM, The Daily Blonde, Scandalous Housewife, Indi

Now I will let these people know that they have been tagged...


Suburbia Steph said...

Hi Priya ~ thanks for visiting us! I'm glad A.K. introduced you to our world!


Suburbia Steph of the Scandalous Housewives

QM said...

thnks! (;
I love dancing too, not caring who is watching or who might think of me as a crazy lady

love your blog btw(;

A. K. said...

U too a anti-dieter.. Way to go girl.. But do watch your waist line from time to time and admire what you have achieved! Even me am a hard core anti-dieter!

Girl Next Door said...

Hey ! Even I hate people who take their partners for granted. That's so bad.

Anyways. You are a carefree person who live the life with full zest. That's one of the factors to stay happy and contented :)

CutePriya said...

Another reason for my happiness is definitely you my dear...Thanks for all the support...