Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank God It's Yet Another Great Friday...Yippi

As opposed to earlier...I am quite enjoying my 'singlehood'...Now I desperately wait for the weekends to arrive so I can pursue my favorite hobbies...Ya know it, cooking, hanging out with friends and the best of all watching T.V. all day long. Come On...confess it you also love sitting in front of that 'Idiot Box'.

Here are some of my favorites that am already into or will love to do:

  • and shop...till my mom says she is too tired
  • Cooking...well i am getting better day by day
  • Watching T.V. (Disney is still my favorite)
  • Dancing ( my neighbors do complain about the loud music ...but who cares)
  • Sitting lonely in the evenings and listening to soft music
  • Reading (I have to read text books to get the post-graduate degree)
  • Learning to Drive (Yes, I know all the routes and traffic rulez now)

There is so much more that I would Love to Do.....

Have a happy, enjoyable and most importantly a "Restful" Weekends (as my boss Katie alwayz tells me)..
Do tell me what you love doing over the weekends.


Girl Next Door said...

Hey ! Even I am sooo Excited for the Weekend. Well.. I love to do following stuff on Weekends:

1. Watch the show M TV Roadies with my brother every Sundays.
2. Movies and Internet are the biggest source of entertainment as well as information.
3. Chat with friends who live abroad.
4. Go for walk if I get chance.

A. K. said...

WOW Girl that's quite a list. I guess Am more excited that you about this whole weekend thing. I try to spend my weekends in bed as much as i can. Grab late lunch and then cook myself a decent meal. Sounds boring! But that's what i love to do on weekend. Oh i forgot... I do jam with my band, bike ride with my girl, getting drunk and finally getting jiggy with my.. you know who! LOL

CutePriya said...

Both of you have one thing in common..."You live weekends to the fullest"...

Quirky Mon said...

I'm doing all the things you mentioned in the post except for the dancing thing. New to the blogosphere? Or had another blog earlier? I too started in December, 2008. So still learning tips and tricks...and blogging is so addictive! Loving it! :)

Do check out my blog...

QM said...

Sounds so fun! My mum loves to shop. Just 2 days ago, she shopped til it cost a shocking thousand. My dad was miserable, hahaha.

Dancing, reading, writing & listening to music are my favs. Cartoon Network happens to be my favourite channel(: