Monday, June 8, 2009

Made the "FIRST MOVE"... Thanks to Ma Friends!!!

Oops I did it! Yeah I did It! Finally after months of Hardwork, struggle, persistant efforts finally I have "Initiated the Conversation"

Remember the "TIP" my friend gave me. I followed it and was actually able to talk to him... Well there is more to this story. All this couldn't have been possible without one of my bestest of the best friends in Office.

One of my friends tried his best to reach Mr. HerO so that he could create a room for me to talk... First he tried talking to some of his friends in the same department, so they can introduce me to him. But, this didn't worked because his friend was more of a shy guy....But, I think he conveyed the message that there is a girl who kinda likes you!

Just then my friend thought of something else... (He is "TOO Smart").... He went straight to him... asked him that I have some friends interested in working in his department.... But, My Mr. HerO is rather "Smarter".... He didn't gave him his number, instead told him to mail the CV.

Next Day was the "Final"... My Mr. HerO was standing alone at his 'Cigarette Smoking point'... My friend saw this as an Opportunity and took me straight to him... Even I asked the same Question, asked him about some other Openings, Thanked him and this was it to begin the conversation.

Well a word of Thanks...

Thank you to my friend Mr. A, Ms. Ann and Ms. Alps who were always there in my "Mission" frequenting the 'Cigarette Smoking Point' and enforcing and re-enforcing that courage and determination that "GO GET HIM Girl"


Girl Next Door said...

LOL :) Great Gal ! Hope you enjoying it ....

And yeah !!! Hats off to your Guts !!!

Congratulations... Keep Posting and Keep Rocking :)

Varun said...

congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........finally u did it...i was waiting for this for a long time, and i was sure that you will only gonna initiate this...contrazz once again and best of luck....

fms1988 said...


Lovelly,To see that the conv is started alllll the best now :D

Love ya.!

A. K. said...

Wow! That is a very cool news honey.. Good luck and i should say you are lucky to have such cool, intelligent and creative friends. Wish i have friends like you.. I think that they deserve a big treat.

If i were you i would have taken them out to a classy bar and let them drink to their heart content.


at last u hav done it. good
thanx for the 'cigratte point'...
best of luck ...

Hopeless Romantic said...

hey..i am back :)

well done...killer girl :)

enjoy the rest of the things:)

All the best! have fun


Ms.R. said...

All the best gurl :D

Megha Chhatbar said...

Well done! A lot of more hard work is required now...:) I am so happy and hope that you are his Ms. Heroine...:)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

OHOHOH :D :D... I'm soooo happy for you... all the best.. GO GET HIM GIRL..

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

Congrats girl. I'm happy for you. :-)

Great luck!!

Amal Bose said...

congrats.. really appreciate ur guts :)

CutePriya said...

@ Girl Next Door

Thanks Sweety!

CutePriya said...

@ Varun

Thank you so much Varun! It has all been possible because of friends like you!

CutePriya said...

@ fms1988

Thank you so much dear! Love you too!

CutePriya said...

@ A. K.

Yup! U are right... My friend really deserves a treat!

CutePriya said...


Thank you so much!

@ Hopeless Romantic

Thanks buddy! Am so Happy to see you back!

@ Ms.R

Thank you so much Ms. R!

@ Megha Chhatbar

Thanks Megha! You're right... More and more hardwork is reqd now!

@ Rajalakshmi Umapathy

I will! Just pray for me!

@ ~*wILd chILd*~

Thank you dear!

@ Amal Bose